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Vintage Land Rovers

If you've driven by the shop, you've probably seen a beautiful line-up of vintage Land Rover Defenders. We specialize in tuning, restoring, upfitting, maintaining, and occasionally selling these amazing vehicles. If you've been on any of the forums you've also likely seen our name mentioned when it comes to tuning. We are the premier TDI tuning facility in the US. Weekly we have trucks shipped in from all over the country to have our team get them running tip top.


If your TDI Defender isn't able to do 80mph down the highway, not smoke when accelerating, or feels slow or sluggish you likely have a mistuned and/or timed injection pump. Give us a call and we can get your truck sorted out. 

Our Defender specific website is currently under construction. Please check back soon for all things Defender related.

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