Vintage Land Rovers

If you've driven by the shop, you've probably seen a beautiful line-up of vintage Land Rover Defenders. We specialize in sourcing, restoring, and maintaining these amazing vehicles. Most of them hail from southern Europe which has a nice dry Mediterranean Climate, perfect for finding rust-free preserved vehicles. 

General repairs and service

We know these vehicles. 

There aren't a lot of mechanics in the Northeast with the skills to work on and tune one properly. We have a highly skilled team of technicains who can quickly and accurately diagnose and repair just about anything they may encounter.  We do anything from fluid flushes to engine rebuilds to custom interior fabrication.  

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Buying a Defender?

It's always a bit nerve-wracking purchasing a 25+ year old off-road vehicle. We can help relieve some of that with full service inspections for potential buyers. Prepurchase inspections can save you from ending up buying a basketcase vehicle that can cost thousands more than the sticker price.